I had the absolute pleasure of pairing with joni – a Victoria-based company that sells sustainable period care products and is grounded in the values of equality and inclusion – to write an article about the menstrual cycle changes to expect in perimenopause.

Here is a brief excerpt:

How your menstrual cycle changes

As you enter early perimenopause, your menstrual cycle length will become variable. In fact, early perimenopause is identified by a seven-day or greater difference in the length of your menstrual cycles. This can be either a shortening or lengthening of cycles. For example, if your standard menstrual cycle was always 32 days, and now they are 25 days (or less) or 39 days (or more), it could signal that you are in perimenopause.

Moving into late perimenopause, you’ll start skipping cycles altogether; you’ll go 60 days or longer without a period, and more frequently your cycle will be anovulatory (meaning you did not ovulate).

You can read the full article here!

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